dear coca cola company,

i drank some of your POWERADE drink and im still weak as fuck when will the power begin to kick in? please reply soon, i just sent a mass text to my entire school saying i would beat up the football team this friday


Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 7 & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 5

Colonel, please stay back. You’re impotent in rainy days, after all.



if you have a penis and the urinals in a public restroom are available but you use the stalls to pee you have some serious growing up to do

i hit em from the doorway

I don’t use urinals when using shorts because I’m not tryna get hit with that splashback

There were so many things that should’ve happened but didn’t. Like none of the joestars met gio. And I was so sure it would happen

Drake - Forever
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Forever | Drake (ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem)

I just wanna see diamond is unbreakable anime. Part 4 is my favorite jojo part even tho Josuke is a trash character

Joseph stand is better than Kakyoin

Yo where’s that meme where it’s like
” where’s mom dad “
And then he’s like


Wow I finally finished this game and it as like 1:02 and we barely won like and the post game lobby was just people talking shit for the longest. Tbh I’m so glad we won because if I spent an hour of my life just to lose…